Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Abby's First Bite

After being given the OK to start cereal, Jim and I decided to give it a try yesterday. However, I forgot to warm it up.... and she wanted NO part of it. Could have also been that she was hungry and did not want something out of the ordinary. Either way, she screamed and stopped after only a few bites.
Today went a little better, but she still doesn't know what to make of it. We'll try again in a few days! :) Enjoy the video - it's a funny one!

What's that Abby?
(Can you guess what Jim was doing before this? Knee pads, grout all over his arms......)

For Christmas, Carol gave me a video monitor and I already love it after only using it one night. We are able to see her every move and you can even see her breathing! At one point last night, I saw her smiling under that binky... she must of been having some good dreams! I would have never thought it would make things easier, but it does. Instead of getting up at every cry or wimper, I can just look and see what's going on without getting out of bed! Love it... thanks Carol! :)

Mommy watching Abby sleep ... so peaceful :)

Close up ... this thing is AMAZING!


Anonymous said...
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Carol said...

Awe, what a little sweetie! It's amazing how useful technology is. We even brought ours up north with us...can't live without it!