Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nana and PopPop Johnson visit Sarasota

Nana and PopPop arrived in Sarasota on Monday evening and left early this morning to head back to their warm weather in Arizona. The week was full of fun and went by way too fast, just like always. Of course Abby was spoiled with Christmas gifts and she loves her new toys. It's so fun to watch her facial expressions as she plays with them.
PopPop helped Jim do some projects around the house, while Nana, Abby, and I did what we do best... SHOP! We also spent an afternoon at Marina Jack, where we walked by the water, took a lot of pictures, and had a nice lunch outside. It was a gorgeous day in Sarasota. Abby tried some new things too while Nana and PopPop were here. We tried cereal again ... this time with just a little bit of applesauce mixed in. She was okay with it, but still not so sure. Abby also began to play in her Exersaucer... what a big girl!!! (Pictures to come later...)
Not only did Abby enjoy her grandparents, Max got a lot of extra attention from them too! He was in heaven.... playing ball, going for walks, and even getting some comfy sleepy time in bed with them.
It's always nice to have family in town, especially around the holidays. It's so special for grandparents to visit and see how much and FAST little Miss Abby is changing. She just adores her family! :) Now it's time for Gramma and Grandad Rowland to get into town... more fun ahead!

Abby loves her new caterpillar from Nana and PopPop!

Abby was telling Nana stories before bathtime.... she had a lot to say!

PopPop and Abby enjoying a walk at the marina.

Playing around with the new camera .... Abby was too serious!

Swinging at the marina with Nana and PopPop .... is Abby a happy baby or what?!

Abby taking a turn on the swing with Mommy and Daddy ...

Kisses for such a sweet baby! :)


Carol said...

I love the swing pictures!

Liz & Jim Johnson said...

THe marina is a great place to take pictures like that! :)