Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anything better?

Is there seriously anything better than making a baby laugh? A few days ago, I might have said ice cream, finding a good sale on shoes, or staying in pajamas all day long. All that changed just an hour ago...... the answer is simple.... there is NOTHING better than making a baby laugh. Daddy was able to get Abby's first laugh a few weeks ago and a few days later I got my first laugh. Then about a week ago, Abby gave me a good belly laugh that made me smile for a good five minutes!

Today, I was changing Abby's diaper at the mall and she gave me the biggest, longest belly laugh I have EVER heard. I kept making silly faces and tickling her to keep her going. It was great. Nothing like it.... The family bathroom was crowded too, but I didn't care that another Mom and Dad were staring at me or that there was another Mom waiting to use a diaper changing station. I could not and would not leave that area until she stopped laughing. It was soooooooo cute, it melted my heart. Just thought I'd share the highlight of my day! :)

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