Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Growing up too fast!

Good morning - Happy Wednesday!
Abby looks like such a big girl here.

New shoes from Daddy. Adorable.

This little girl loves 'em. (the shoes and her Daddy)


Anonymous said...

Oh my! These pictures make me want to take my very-first-ever plane ride! Abby, you are growing up much too fast for Gramma! I miss you all so much! How many more days to Opening Day??? I know I will see you before then but there's nothing like you all being here in Baltimore or Galesville!

Sue said...

Wow, she's really getting big. Can't wait to see her! Soon, very soon ;)

Carol said...

She's all toddler in these pictures! They just never stop growing, do they. And, I definitely think that Gramma should take her first plane ride, even if she only does it once in her life, she should do it! Add it to the bucket list :)

Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures Liz! And tell Jim he did a great job picking out those cute shoes! And yes- your mom needs to get down here! Keep working on it with her. LOL Wanna try to meet for lunch this weekend?

Shannon said...

Those shoes are adorable! Daddy's got great taste! And you're so right, they grow up WAY too fast!