Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Change isn't always easy ...

I'm not too sure who has been handling the new daycare situation better, me or Abby. When we got back home to Florida, Abby started going to her daycare two days a week, just like before ... but this time in a different classroom. I knew this was going to be happening, I just didn't want to believe it was happening so soon. Abby started off in the infant room, with teachers that really took to Abby, made me feel completely comfortable, and kept me reassured that I was doing the right thing with sending Abby to daycare. I was happy to be getting some "me" time ... time to catch up on laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, blogging, photography ... and Abby was getting some social time with other children her age. We started to use one of her teachers as a babysitter and needless to say, Abby became quite attached.

Fast forward to now ... amidst the transition into the toddler classroom. Not only are there different teachers (which are great by the way), but the schedule and routine of the classroom are totally different. Abby is still taking two naps (on most days) at home with me. However, in this classroom, there is one scheduled nap time, on a cot. Two changes in one. Lunch time is a bit earlier and they sit in real chairs at a table, no high chair anymore. All of these are small changes but are enough to make a toddler unsure of what's going on and make a mom a nervous wreck! It was really hard to leave her in the mornings, clinging to me with tears running down her face. I knew I had to... and I knew she would adjust and get used to it all.

Abby's teachers have done a great job working with her and making her feel comfortable in this new arrangement. Today was our best day yet. I dropped her off a bit earlier than usual and Abby started off in the infant room. She seemed like quite the helper, moving around the room, checking on all the babies ... even trying to feed one her bottle. Then as the day moved on, they slowly moved her back into the toddler room. She ate well, napped okay, and played happily. I think it's working ... things are getting back to normal, Abby feels happy there, and all the teachers are working together to make this transition the best for everyone! :)

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Carol said...

I am so glad to hear this. You know, the daycare transition is never easy, but with your lifestyle and all of the changes she will go through as you move back and forth. She is going to be one really well adjusted and easy going kid. I just know it.