Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday!
Abby must be excited for her birthday party this weekend :)

10 completely random things I am thankful for today:

1. Abby's daycare day today. Thanks to baby free time, I was able to clean the whole house. Floors vacuumed, furniture dusted, and bathrooms are sparkling!

2. Answered prayers. Jim's elbow is healing on its own and he leaves for Maryland on the 10th. He'll spend some time in the minors finishing his rehab assignment and then it's back to the O's!

3. The bug guy. Thank you for coming to spray today, six days before we were due for our quarterly spray. When I see those roaches moving with too much life, the good ol' bug guy gets "the call" from me. (Gotta love Florida living)

4. Traveling to Maryland to visit family on the 15th. Looking forward to seeing everyone and enjoying some time together!

5. Dinner dates at the mall with the Bestie and her kiddies. I love the fact that eating Chic-Fil-A in the Food Court and watching the kiddies play is my kind of night. It always puts a smile on my face, even if I spill my whole sweet tea on the way out.

6. Speaking of sweet tea, thank you McDonald's for letting me indulge occasionally. (ok ... every other day)

7. A call from my eye doctors office telling me they received my payment but it wasn't necessary anymore. They finally received payment from our insurance. Ahh, what a pleasant surprise!

8. The way Abby dances and "sings." She obviously gets her moves and great voice from me. ::wink, wink::

9. Hugs from the hubs. I can never get enough hugs and his are the best!

10. The inspection went well at the new house. A few minor "fixes" but nothing too complicated and expensive. Looking forward to actually having the keys in just a few weeks!


Nic said...

Are you as weepy about the big "1" as I am? I feel like a looney tune being bummed about Reid's birthday in a few weeks. Hope Abby has fun at her birthday party. :)

Carol said...

I almost forgot how you spilled your tea! And, I just posted and recounted how we had dinner together Fri, Sat, & Sun...and I forgot that we ate together Thurs. Seriously, what will I do when you are gone for a month!?!