Monday, August 30, 2010

Quite the backdrop ...

This past Saturday my Godmother Cindy hosted a family picnic at her beautiful home. I hadn't been to her new home, even though she's been there for ten years now. She and her husband live in an old farmhouse that has so much character. I was so busy taking pictures of the surrounding area that I never snapped a picture of their own home!

Cindy and Mic's farmhouse is nestled in what is known as "Fairhaven Cliffs." An area on the water, with lots of hills and unique houses built directly on top of the cliffs. This is one of the few areas in Maryland that is mostly used as a weekend or summer getaway. Most of the homeowners work in Washington D.C. and travel to this beautiful place to escape the stresses of the work week. However, there are some people, like Mic and Cindy who have made it their home. I can totally see why - take a look at their waterview in the picture on the top left corner of the collage. The view was so stunning that we had to take a closer look, so a walk to the beach was in order.

Abby & Mommy

Cindy, Me & Abby

Me & the Kids (my Cousin's children + Abby)
Or fast forward, me in 8 years with all these children?!

Abby walking & making silly faces

Our family had a great time soaking up the backdrop of this beautiful place. It also helps that the company was wonderful, food was great, and lots of fun was to be had! :)


Meant to be a mom said...

What a beautiful little farmhouse. And the beach gorgeous also. It looks and sounds like you had a great time :)

Shannon said...

What a beautiful site! Seeing your pictures and all the smiles made me long for a vacation!

Carol said...

Great picture of you and Abby together! I miss you...good thing it is Sept. already!

Melinda Johnson said...

Love the Janie and Jack!