Sunday, August 22, 2010

Edits from Photo Shoot

Last night I decided to dig deeper into editing and play around with some photos I took the other day. I had a mini photo shoot with Abby while at my nephew's football scrimmage and then just yesterday, I took some pictures of Abby with my sister's kids. I'm actually clueless when it comes to editing a photo ... but I want to start trying some different things with my photographs. I'd love your feedback, especially from those of you that really know your cameras, you know who you are! :) Also ... anyone have any ideas on what editing software is best for a Mac? I did all the editing using iPhoto and Picnik.

Abigail Grace - 1 year :)

Already loves Coach ... my baby has great taste!

Still sportin' only 2 teeth


Cousins - all smiles!

So what do you think? What can I work on?!


Ashley Sisk said...

I know a lot of people that use iphoto with mac's...I also know a lot of people that use Photoshop Elements and you can get that fairly cheap. If you want to go all can get full blown Photoshop or even Lightroom - I just don't have in my budget.

Carol said...

Love that photo of her with your wallet and the one with the cousins. When did Em get so skinny? Anyway, LR & PS are really expensive, but I think maybe we should both invest in Photoshop Elements and then we can do tutorials and help each other out. I'm finding that using that Paintshop program you gave me produces better images than the free editing programs, like Picasa, but it still can't do somethings that Elements can.

Kirsten said...

Liz, I think your photos are perfect the way they are! And yes- Abby does have great taste! LOL Loved that one of her with your Coach wallet! So cute! Miss ya!