Monday, August 9, 2010

Abby's Birthday Party - Part I

Yesterday was the start of festivities for the soon-to-be birthday girl. Since it was only the start, we'll call this part of her birthday Part I. We decided to celebrate a bit early so we could celebrate such a special day with our Florida friends. The morning sprinkles of rain soon turned into a torrential downpour, so we had to quickly think of a Plan B ... since Plan A was outdoors. So off to Evie's we went, for some arcade style fun, pizza, and lots of cake! I must admit I was quite bummed that we had to scrap the original plans, but Plan B turned out better anyways. Take a look for yourself!

The Birthday Girl showin' off her dance moves!

Publix did an amazing job with the cake!!
Our little "lovebug" needed a ladybug theme :)

Good choice of entertainment for the kids! :)

Getting ready to eat some cake!

Singing "Happy Birthday" and eating yummy cake.
Not sure why the video quality isn't that good.

The sugar shock ... "Oh boy!"

Unwrapping presents. Such fun :)

Our family is so blessed to have such wonderful friends here in Florida. These wonderful friends make us feel like we have family here. Thanks to YOU for helping us celebrate Abigail Grace, our sweetest blessing!

Abby and I will be traveling to Maryland on Sunday to celebrate Part II of her birthday with family and friends. This time we'll be celebrating on the 18th, her actual birthday. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone and continuing the birthday fun! :)


Sue said...

We all felt blessed to be able to share Part I of Abby's birthday with her. We had such a good time. Safe travels to MD, enjoy the continued celebration of Sweet Abby's special birthday. Love you guys xoxo

PS: The boys want to know if JJ went back to the arcade to try to beat their high score ;D
They've never had so much fun at a 1st Birthday party!!

Anonymous said...

So precious! That video was cracking me up! I can't wait to see what Rylie does. Have fun on her actually birthday :) She is one adorable girl!

Anonymous said...

She is too cute! Happy 1st Birthday Abby!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post to commemorate the first of the first birthday parties! I love that you video taped the cake event! It's funny to listen to everyone's comments in the background! The party was so much fun and I'm so glad you had one here before heading back. We will miss you guys so much but know you will be having so much fun with family back home.

Ropella4 said...

Liz, She is growing up so fast. I have alittle something for miss Abby. I will try adn give it to Carol to pass on to you before you leave. Safe travels and congrats on your house!!!

Carol said...

I love that collage of all the kiddos! Her birthday party turned out perfectly! I can't believe that by the time you get home she'll be a toddling around. You'll have to show me her 1st steps on skype like we did with Chlo Belle's! We'll miss you guys!

LeeAnn said...

Happy {almost} birthday Abby! It looks like she had a great party! That cake is so adorable, and of course I love Abby's Gymboree birthday shirt. (Rylie had the same one last year. LOL) Thanks for sharing all of the pictures. I hope you all have a wonderful (and safe) trip.