Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More fun ... and random notes :)

When we haven't been busy exploring our new surroundings, we've been enjoying the weather at home.  The weather here has been amazing, all except for three or four days.  It's typically in the low 80's, with a beautiful breeze.  So with the cooler weather (much cooler than home), we've been soaking up the sunshine outside!

The kids love their new plasma cars and zoom all around the side of our driveway, onto the back patio space.  Megan made the kids stop, yield, and one way signs on the concrete and the kids love using them to "drive" around.  They even got tickets when they didn't follow the traffic signs.  Abby loved getting the tickets and getting surprised by a consequence.  (sing a song, give Mommy a kiss, do 10 push ups) That Megan is very creative and a lot of fun to play with! :)

The local parks around here are super nice and there are a bunch to choose from.  My kids love the swing, so a trip to a park is always a big hit.  Abby can do monkey bars now so that's also very exciting for her! 

A couple weeks ago, Megan and I took the kids to an outdoor shopping place.  It was really nice with a huge duck pond in the middle ... and my favorite store.  Do you really have to guess?  Anthropologie it is.  The kids got some duck feed from the local market and fed the ducks, played on the playground, and we shopped ... well, we tried to shop.  

And here we are exploring Mt. Diablo.  Our visit was kind of spontaneous ... the hubs told us we would picnic for lunch and have an adventure.  So that's what we did .... 

Abby and Levi both did really great with climbing, a little cautious at first, but by the end were making Jim and I very nervous.  We were able to take in some amazing views, climb into some cave like rocks, and just enjoy the adventure together...

... And we are all on this adventure ... together.


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Mama Rowland said...

We are so glad you are sharing your adventure with us. When we get to missing you guys, which is often, we just watch the videos from when you were home in June. Over and over and over! We are glad you are posting again.......Love, Mama