Monday, July 7, 2014

California Summer.

After landing in California and meeting the hubs at the airport, I'm not sure who was the happiest of all.  The kids? Jim? Me?  It's up for debate, but I'm pretty sure we were all super happy to have our little family back together.  It was about time!

The kids and I have been in California for about three weeks now and so far, it's been a super fun adventure.  I'd be lying if I said it's all been super fun and exciting, for there have definitely been some frustrating moments.  The kids adapting to a new environment and schedule has proved to be a little difficult at times, but their temperament has gotten much better!  The rental house was having a few issues (ac broke, ant invasion, plumbing problems) but is actually a perfect house in a lovely, quiet neighborhood.  I've been lost more times than I can count but I've officially made it to the ballpark the last four days WITHOUT the use of navigation! WOO HOO!!

My sister (Jen) traveled out here with us and stayed for a little over a week.  It was great having someone from home join us - to make the transition across the country a little easier!  We spent a lot of time at the ballpark, but also made time for other fun excursions.

Megan, a family friend of Jim's, also traveled out with us for the summer.  She's been a big help with the kids and helps me keep my sanity; well, most of the time!  I guess she's technically a nanny, but really it's more like having a friend with me.  We've quickly formed a friendship and it's so nice having someone around when Jim's on the road.  I'm really loving it! ( sorry for the diversion there, but wanted to explain who is in the pics!)

We went into San Francisco one of the first days out here.  I was so excited to show them (especially the kids) the sea lions at Pier 39.  Last summer when I came out here with Jim, there were literally hundreds of them trying to sun bathe on the piers.  They were loud, funny, and were quite an entertaining scene.  Needless to say, my timing was off - turns out there were two sea lions on this particular day.  That's right... two.  We learned that the middle of the summer is mating season and the sea lions go elsewhere to mate, then return early August.  Ugh.

Thankfully, the Pier offers more than just the sea lions.  We watched the street performers, ate some yummy pizza, browsed a few shops, rode the famous carousel, and took in views of the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.  We also tried to find a park (that really didn't even exist) which led to a few unexpected hours of driving around the overcrowded city!  Lombard Street was exciting, but I'm sure Jen and Megan were disappointed that I wouldn't drive it.  Next time, I promise.

Then we found Fairy Land.  A cute, quaint amusement park of sorts.  It was like walking around inside of a storybook - full of rides, play areas, and puppet shows.  It was super cute and the kids really enjoyed it!

Next up, The Oakland Zoo!  And thanks to the A's, we were able to get some behind the scenes attention.  My favorite - feeding the giraffes!  We were up close and personal, feeding them by hand.  We also had the chance to meet with a zoologist, who showed us other small animals up close.  Snakes, turtles, lizards, hedgehogs ... all of which the kids were able to touch.  Last but not least, we went into the tortoise exhibit.  I couldn't believe how big this thing was ... and the kids, surprisingly were not bothered by it.  At. all.  

It was nice to share this experience with new friends too.  Miles and Cameron were new buddies almost instantly - Abby was so excited to find a girl her age!  Unfortunately, this crazy baseball life has already moved them to a different place - but we are so thankful to have met them.  Who knows, our paths might cross again!

Phew!  I guess you could say we've been busy so far.  And there's even more to come!



LeeAnn said...

It sounds like you all are settling in well. Enjoy your new home!

Mama Rowland said...

I agree with LeeAnn. It sounds like you are comfortable with West Coast living. You have always been able to make the best of anything!