Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Grandad!

When you're living on opposites sides of the country, sometimes you just have to improvise.  Yesterday was my Dad's 68th birthday and so we celebrated together, just not in the same state or even the same coast.  It's amazing how modern technology can still make birthday "parties" fun!!

A couple days ago, Abby and I baked cupcakes while Levi was taking a nap.  As Abby was mixing the batter, she asked "Mama, why are we making cupakes?"  Of course my natural response was "Well we don't really need a reason to bake cupcakes, right?!"  I mean, who doesn't love indulging in cupcakes for no particular reason?

Later that day I realized my Dad's birthday was coming up and immediately went back to Abby's question from earlier.  "Mama, why are we making cupcakes?"  Well, now I had an answer ... "Grandad's BIRTHDAY!"

Even though we were a few days early, we decided to start the celebration that day ... our "party."  We sang Happy Birthday, lit the candle on a cupcake and had Grandad "blow" it out - through the iPad.

There were smiles all around and the kids enjoyed the cupcakes - of course.  Since we teased Gramma and Grandad with the cupcakes, Abby and I will bake them some when we see them next month ... then we'll celebrate again!

It might have been a different way to have a party, but it was a lot of fun anyways!  Hope you had a great day Grandad, we love and miss you!



Mama Rowland said...

What a clever way to celebrate my birthday across the miles! It was the next best thing to having you all here. It was nice to spend this birthday with all three of my girls and my four grandchildren! By the way, your cupcakes had no taste.....Love, Your Dad

Mama Rowland said...

Looks like I wrote previous comment but I didn't. Dad was confused as to why it reads "Mama Rowland says". Got to give credit where credit is due.