Sunday, July 27, 2014

Keepin' busy ...

With these two little monsters kids, we sure know how to keep busy and our days can fill up rather quickly.  Our weekend was nothing short of busy, but full of fun!

Friday night was "dive in" movie night at the gym pool, featurning none other than ... "Frozen."  The kids had been looking forward to this night for weeks ... and maybe Megan and me too.  Shhh.  We planned on getting there early, as we knew it would be PACKED ... and packed it was, even two and a half hours before showtime.  Thank goodness for the pool - we did a little swimming, had some dinner poolside, and settled in for the main attraction.  The kids loved it.  Levi snuggled in my lap and Abby ran around with some new friends reenacting every scene.  It was quite something!  

Saturday, we checked out the Habitot Children's Museum in Berkeley.  It was similar to activity centers we've been to in the past and the kids loved it.  Especially the space station and rocketship.  They both spent the majority of their time dressed up like astronauts, operating the command center and rocketship.  It was super cute!

Megan noticed the opportunity for a family photo shoot and snapped away.  We've either found our Halloween costumes or our picture for this years Christmas card.  What do you think?!

In the museum there was also a "market" where Abby and Levi shopped, bought the groceries, and then did some cooking.  They painted on a giant paint wall and then used vegetables to paint their own masterpieces to take home.  There was also a water room, train tables, and a quiet reading area.  It's fun to sit back sometimes and watch their little imaginations at work!

Although it's exhausting sometimes (especially at the end of today), I love doing fun things for the kids.  The smiles on their faces say it all and I'm grateful that we are able to have these experiences together.  Cheers to keepin' busy and havin' fun!


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