Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WORDY Wednesday - Celebrating the season :)

You've all heard the saying before.  The saying that describes Christmas perfectly ... "It's the happiest time of the year."  And I'm happy to say that this Christmas season didn't disappoint and it truly was a happy time for our family.  Although as happy as we may have been, I couldn't help but think about the families out there that weren't having the happiest season of all.  The Sandy Hook Elementary families, the family from church who lost a very special woman to breast cancer at the young age of 33, and the family that is grieving over a loss to suicide (one of Jim's old teammates).  It's hard to imagine that at such a special time of the year, there are families struggling with loss, finding peace, and the strength to move on.  I pray that these families will find comfort in the Lord in the upcoming months.

This Christmas season was very exciting because Abby is starting to get it.  Of course she is still asking tons of questions, but this year we could see the anticipation in her eyes and hear the excitement in her voice.  We read books about Santa, sent Abby's first letter to the North Pole, and visited the jolly fellow himself.  Abby was excited for Santa to come, but was quite worried he would be too loud on the roof and she wanted to make sure he would take his boots off before coming down the chimney.  :)

Of course Santa is cool and all, but my favorite part was teaching Abby about the story about the King, about Jesus, the true reason behind Christmas.  We read books, read parts of the bible, and sang Christmas Carols about what happened on that special night.  Abby can tell you all about that night.  Who was there.  How it happened.  What the angel told Mary.  How Mary and Joseph got to Bethlehem.  Why baby Jesus was born in a stable.  Can you tell I'm one proud Mama?  If she can remember any story about Christmas, I want her to remember this one ... the most special story of all.

Nana and PopPop were the first ones to visit us this year.  We spent time baking cookies and a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve.  Levi also wanted to help and made quite a mess on the floor with all his cooking toys!  Abby made her own nativity scene with little help and created tons of Christmas artwork and crafts.

Every year we visit Grace Baptist Church to enjoy their light display.  It's absolutely beautiful and always fun for the family to experience together.  Abby had fun dancing to the music with Isla and Levi was just happy to take everything in!

I was super excited to dress the kids alike for the Christmas Eve church service.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any good photos of them because Abby is into making funny camera faces these days.  Then you ask her to hug her brother for a picture and it turns out to be more like a choke hold.  Doesn't make for a good photo, let me tell you.  But ... I can promise they looked adorable ... Levi had on a tie that matched Abby's skirt.  Super CUTE!  After church we headed home to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, sprinkle reindeer food on the ground so Santa could find our home, and snuggle into bed to eagerly await Christmas morning.

Abby woke early, shrieking "Presents everybody, presents everybody" and was ready to get Christmas underway.  Santa brought her a bike with training wheels, a Doc McStuffins doctors kit, a doctors coat, along with many other things.  Levi opened his very first gift and just like it usually goes, he liked the paper and boxes more than the toys. :)  Cookie the Elf left his goodbye letter in the basket of Abby's bike and disappeared until next year ... Christmas was already going by way. too. fast.

After brunch we headed up to spend the afternoon with our Florida family.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives and always have such a good time with them.  Thanks for adopting us Sue, Mike, Danny, Stephen, and Nick! Gracie too :)  Great times ... great memories!

Then the fun kept coming .... my sister, her hubby, and the kids came to visit!  It was so wonderful having them here and sharing this special time with us.  We went to Busch Gardens, took Abby for her very first manicure (and of course the ladies all got them too), relaxed at the house, and had a dinner/movie night without the little ones.  It was a fabulous time ... and Em, you are a trooper when it comes to Abby.  Even when you may have wanted time to yourself, you played with Abby and did whatever she wanted.  You are an awesome cousin! She loves you and Jus so much :)

A holiday spent with the ones you love means so much.  Even though family was here, I still missed my parents a TON.  This was the very first holiday season that we were unable to share together.  Not easy, but easier knowing I'll be able to give them giant hugs in just two weeks! 

It's true ... It's the happiest season of all.  Abby must have picked up on that this year since she asked this morning, "Daddy, is Christmas over?"  Yes Abby, Christmas may be over until next year, but it is always in our hearts.  


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