Tuesday, December 18, 2012

'Tis the season

After much talk about Santa this year, Abby was finally ready to go visit the big guy in the red suit.  We have been talking to Cookie the Elf about Santa and watching a video from Santa himself on repeat.  Seriously, over and over.  She's been telling me for weeks she wants to touch Santa's reindeer and ask him if he's working on her new bike.  So off to Main Street we went for a fun night of holiday festivities.

Our "Florida fam" joined in on the fun ... dinner, a carriage ride, carolers, and of course the main attraction, Santa.

While waiting in line for the carriage ride, Abby made friends with a group of girls her age.  They were dancing, singing, racing each other, and playing tag.  It sure made the wait a lot easier, on all of us! :)

The time to talk to Santa came and Abby was being such a brave girl, until .... it was her turn to sit on his lap.  She kept her distance but was fine talking to him.  (big improvement over last year)  We slowly made our way closer to Santa, but of course Mommy had to sit with him too.  Secretly I love it ... because who doesn't love the jolly old man?!  Abby watched as I gave a high five, but wanted no part of actually touching Santa ... only made sure he was working on her bike and coming to our house on Christmas Eve.  Levi did a great job meeting Santa for the first time ... a little shy and uncertain at first, but no crying at all! :)

I'm starting to get way too excited for Christmas this year.  Abby is certainly ready and I can't wait to see her reaction on Christmas morning.  There is just something so special about this time of year ... the excitement, the anticipation, the love ... it's the best time of the year! :)


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Mary Beth said...

Looked like "FUN"!! I recognized a few faces in the pictures too. ;-) Enjoy every minute with your two cuties!!