Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Traveling with dos kiddos ....

Well ... we survived traveling up north with two kiddos.  I didn't doubt we would, kind of seasoned experts at this by now.  :)  This past weekend was Orioles Fan Fest so we took advantage of being close to family and went up for the whole week.  My parents hadn't seen Little Man since mid September so it was exciting for them to see all his new milestones ... crawling, climbing, taking steps along the furniture, and getting braver by the day.  It was perfect timing for me too since a bit of homesickness had kicked in the week earlier.  Just a few days before traveling I said to the hubs, "I just feel like I need a big hug from my Dad."  He just shook his head, didn't quite understand.  I just smiled and said "Abby will make you understand one day."  And I know she will ... that girl loves her Daddy!

Levi looked like this pretty much the whole time we were there.  Messy, red cheeks, and leaving a trail of his drool wherever he went.  Ahhh, the signs of good ol' teething... but at least he was happy for much of our stay.  While we were there one of his top teeth poked through and now we are awaiting the second top tooth.  Shouldn't be long, I hope!

The kids had a lot of fun at Gramma and Grandad's house.  We acted silly, played with new toys, Abby enjoyed the hammock despite the cold, and Levi loved the rocking chair.  My mom is recovering from a shoulder injury and I think having the kids around was just what she needed.  Abby helped her with her stretches by playing Patty Cake and Miss Mary Mack.  

We were also able to celebrate my Uncle Donnie's birthday while we were there.  Dinner was yummy, wine was tasty, and the kids had such a blast playing with each other.  Can't you tell?! So much fun!

On Friday evening, Jim and I attended an Orioles event ... a premiere of "The Buckle Up Birds" and some casino fun.  It was like a bunch of little kids (the team) were finally back together after a summer away from school.  Even though I'm not quite ready for the baseball season to begin, I'm looking forward to this "family" being reunited again.  It will be exciting to see what's in store for this year! :)

It's always nice traveling back home and even with the chaos of traveling with two kiddos, it's always worth it. :)


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