Sunday, January 27, 2013

A special day for Little Man

The hubs and I had planned on having Levi baptized this offseason, we just didn't realize it would be right in the middle of the holiday season.  With the way timing works, it's not always perfect but it turned out to be just as special.  Being just a few weeks before Christmas, family was unable to come into town, but their kind words and cards were plenty.  :)

We were so pleased that Pastor Steve and Pastor Catherine were able to baptize Levi and have the support from our same loving church family as when Abby was baptized.  It was a very special moment to share with everyone as we prayed over our sweet boy.  

The Branca crew came to church that day and thanks to Miss Sue we were able to capture some great photos of the baptism.  Thank you for sharing our special day with us! :)

"And He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them."
(Mark 10:16)


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Sue said...

God Bless Levi! Love you all.xoxo