Sunday, August 5, 2012

Visionary Arts Museum

We've been staring at the Visionary Arts Museum since moving into our Baltimore home earlier this season. Literally. It's our view from all windows. Luckily, the three buildings that belong to the museum are pretty to look at ... One building is covered with colored glass shapes and designs, the other two displaying the words "O Say Can You See," and "LOVE" on old, brick facades that light up at night.

So yesterday I decided it was time to walk through this museum to see inside the place we see everyday. The artwork was quite different, some really neat, others way "out there!". Definitely an experience.... The kids behaved and YaYa (my sis) joined us!

My favorite by far ... this piece of art was created out of paper plates.  

Top left: Faces created out of small styrofoam cups.  
Abby wanted to pose with the giant egg outside.  
Mommy had some fun with Abby and Levi in the crazy mirrors ... Look at those legs!
Bottom right: Hard to see but the sign reads "The house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it."  My new motto. :)

Abby and a pony? Donkey? Who knows.
Meet "Fifi."  Huge, oversized poodle used in the big art race here in Baltimore.

And last but not least.  Abby's favorite.  She saw this and started to giggle.  She quickly observed that he "had no panties."  Gotta love it!


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Sue said...

Glad you made the visit to the museum. It's certainly a place that leaves your imagination wondering what's inside! xo