Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to our Abigail Grace!

On the 18th it became official.  We have a 3 year old, which I am still trying to figure out where the time has gone since the day Abigail Grace was welcomed into this world.  It's gone by so fast, yet it's been full of so many wonderful milestones, events, and memories. 

Little Miss,

You are one amazing little girl.  Growing up way too fast, but developing quite the personality as time goes on.  You are smart, witty, and have a ton of questions about anything and everything.  You are full of love and want to be friends with everyone.  I love how you want to introduce yourself to new faces at the playground and you ask the kids to play with you.  You are a little social butterfly, making everyone around you smile and laugh.  The way you tattle tell on yourself makes me laugh, like this morning when you came out of my bedroom with "that look" on your face.  After asking what was wrong you replied, "nothing."  A few seconds later you added, "I put on your lip gloss Mom!"  You aren't very good at keeping secrets ... at least for now. 

Since you were a wee little baby, you have always loved music.  You are quite the entertainer now, playing your guitar along with the music, using your microphone to sing along to songs, and you dance around like you are owning a stage.  The creative side of you loves making arts and crafts.  Between entertaining, creating art, and being a little Mom, you are always keeping busy.  

You've recently started telling me you love me, at the most random times ... and there is nothing better than hearing the words, "I love you Mom."  It's those words that mean so much, in your quiet little girl voice, that make my job so rewarding.  :)

Happy 3rd birthday, Abigail Grace.  I love you bunches!

Mommy :)

Now onto the birthday party ..... 

We had Abby's birthday party (for the second year in a row) at Port Discovery.  
Abby was quite persistent that she wanted "Mickey party hats" so we had a Mickey & Minnie theme.

Lots of family.  Lots of friends.  Mostly {boy}friends. :)

Special times .... special memories!

Thanks to everyone who came!  Abby had a blast playing with her "buddies" and keeps saying "birthday party, AGAIN!"

Happy Birthday sweet girl! :)


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Sue said...

Looks like it was a fun filled birthday for Miss Abby! I love the 'pose'....oh boy, watch out for those teen years! They'll be here before you know it ;) Love you all <3!