Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm missing something ...

Do any of you Mamas out there feel like you're missing something? Control? Maybe. Mind? Probably. Sanity? Most likely. What about your superhero cape?

Have you ever stopped and thought about it? I think y'all would agree that being a Mom is like being some kind of superhero. All day long, you're required to have more than two hands, be able to multitask (in fact I'm feeding Levi as I type), and are expected to be in more than one place at one single time.

Doctors appointments, swim lessons, loads upon loads of laundry, cooking somewhat decent meals, changing diapers, feeding baby, playtime devoted to two children, keeping house somewhat tidy, catching up on phone calls, planning a third birthday party, getting crafty for a friends baby shower, walking around the city, and bed time routines. Oh yeah, a whiny toddler that should take a nap, but doesn't. Did I mention I can't even pee by myself? And don't forget I'm doing all these things on only a half nights sleep. Ugh.  Thankfully the offseason is right around the corner ...

I'm not complaining (I promise) but being a Mom is work. There is absolutely nothing in the world quite like it. I love being a Mom and wouldn't change it. for. anything. And to reward myself for getting through another day, I sit down with my cookies, milk, and book every night ... without feeling guilty.

Being a Mom is the best job in the world ... I just pray I can find my superhero cape by morning because I'm starting to go a little crazy. :)

And ... she says she is tired? Come on! 


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Anonymous said...

I could have written this post. I spend all of my older daughter's waking hours on the move, just so that as soon as the house starts to quiet after she goes to bed (still a toss up when the lil one is officially done for the day) I can sit down with my book, beverage and snack and unwind. On really rough nights, I'll even do this during nap time. You have to, or else you WILL lose your mind!