Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day :)

I'm sure when I describe the events that took place on St. Patrick's Day, many of you will nod your head and agree you've been there. Sometimes you build something up and have everything planned out just right and then nothing goes as planned. Nothing turns out exactly how you thought it would. You've been there, right?!

Abby's school was sponsoring a Celtic Festival at a great location so naturally we decided to attend with a group of friends. It was three of us Mamas taking on four kids and one bun in the oven that is almost ready to pop. The kiddies were all dressed in matching shirts I crafted a few weeks ago. We were ready for a fun day!

Before we left the house, I asked Abby to stand still and smile for a few quick pics. Well let's just say she was way too excited to do that. She wanted to dance instead .....

Abby and Isla were sportin' the shades when we first got there. The sun was bright, it was a hot afternoon, and the event was taking place in the middle of an open field. And to think I was hoping for a bit of shade or a nice, relaxing breeze. Ha!

Then us Mamas got another bright idea of taking a group shot of the kids. Well y'all know what it's like to take a picture of two kids ... try four. They were not having it. I snapped more than a handful of shots and of course not one is even framable. But ... I must say they kind of make me laugh and afterall, they are kids being kids. It's what they do best.

Abby really wanted her face painted but each time we ended up near that tent, the line was way too long. So I promised her I would paint her face when we got home and thankfully she thought I did a great job! (it really was pathetic looking) After walking around and playing on the playground, we cooled off in the shade and ate hot dogs and drank lemonade.

Right before we called it quits, we let the kids strip down and go in the water park area. We weren't prepared with swim suits, but we had lots of sunscreen. So La went in her diaper, Abby wore her panties, and the girls had a blast. They were confined to one area and the two Mamas that were left were able to sit and chat and enjoy the rest of our (very sugary) lemonades! :)

Once you have a child, any day can be completely unpredictable. Heck, any day for anyone can be that way. You just have to roll with it... and I'm glad we stuck it out because it ended up being fun ...

Even with the heat. Long lines. Meltdowns. No nap.

And especially when the day ends like this ....

... we can say it was a great day! :)


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