Saturday, March 24, 2012

Showering Levi with love :)

It's a beautiful day outside, warm with a nice breeze. Jim's at the ballpark and Lil' Miss Abby and me are cooped up inside, making our best of a lazy day. Abby's been coughing for a few days and ended up with a fever last night and this morning, with some throwing up involved. Not fun for her ... or for Mommy and Daddy for that matter. I can't stand seeing her sick and not being able to help her feel better with the quick snap of a finger. That would be nice if it worked out that way, wouldn't it?!

Anyways, Abby seems to be feeling better and is slowly eating a bit more and playing around the house. She is supposed to be having "quiet, rest time" but I think she had a sudden burst of energy. I'll take it... at least she has a smile on her face and I have some extra time to finally blog a bit.

Two Saturdays ago, friends of mine surprised me with a wonderful shower. I was told it would be the following week, so when I arrived at the restaurant for another friends "birthday lunch," I was completely shocked to see it was a shower for Baby Levi instead!

Can't you tell by these pictures just how surprised I was?
I had no clue. Nada. Zero.

Sam & Maria (in the pic above) did such a fabulous job putting the shower together. Everything was just right ... the restaurant choice (can't go wrong with Mexican cuisine), the decorations, the cupcakes, and the guests. What an amazing group of friends I have. :)

Cupcakes ... super yummy!
Tons of gifts ... of course Levi is spoiled already :)

My Gocio Girls ...
It means a lot that even though I'm not teaching anymore,
these ladies are still a huge part of my life!

(Thanks to Candice for these awesome photos!!!)

Being showered with so much love.

Baby showers are always special, especially when they are your own. It's about celebrating the life of a baby, a special baby being brought into this world out of love. Thank you to everyone who came to help me celebrate such a blessing. And a HUGE shout out to Sam & Maria, you ladies are amazing and I'm so thankful for the friendships that we have formed. Love ya!


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