Monday, March 26, 2012

The million dollar question is ....

Is Abby ready to be a big sister? So many people ask me this, yet I still don't know the answer. If I knew the answer for sure, I should be awarded a million dollars ... or some kind of prize at least. I'm just not so sure I can say she is or isn't ready to be a big sister.

I mean, I certainly like to think she's ready. We've been talking about Baby for months now and Abby just loves hugging me and giving Levi kisses.

We've been reading books about being a big sister and what it's like to have a little baby at home. Abby checks in Levi's crib every once in a while to see if he's magically appeared overnight or will ask, "Levi come?" A few months back, the doorbell rang and Abby sprinted to the door excitedly saying "Levi, Levi!!" Sorry to say sweetie, but it's just the mailman, Levi isn't here. just. yet.

Abby has been helping me "cook" in the kitchen, she's completely potty trained (even at night), and we've trained her to feed the dog. :) It's the little things that make her feel like she is in charge and go figure, she loves that feeling!

Abby has been really into her babies and stuffed animals lately. She dresses them, diapers them, feeds them, and puts them all down for nap time. She really is a good lil' mama, now that we've taught her not to cover the babies whole head with a mound of blankets.

I think she's ready. I hope she's ready. I'm sure gonna need her to be my big girl helper and I really think she's ready to be the best big sister. Ever. Here's hoping! :)



Sue said...

She's ready! She's going to be a fantastic Big Sister, and Mama's Little Helper. xoxo

Mary Beth said...

I have to agree with Sue, she's ready and will do great!! Love the pictures... so precious!! said...

She will be a great big sister! I was terrified that Rylie would protest the new baby but she surprisingly loves him. I just make sure to give her attention and involve her in almost everything :)