Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Welcome to Baltimore ... Current Temperature 38 degrees"

Our family spent the past weekend in Baltimore, where the temperature stayed below 40 degrees while we were there. Brrr! It was definitely a change coming from our warm, above average temperatures in Florida.

It was a quick trip and it kind of felt like we landed and then were ready to take off again. We kept ourselves busy visiting with my family, looking for a rental for this baseball season, enjoying a night out with our Orioles family, and Jim spent his Saturday doing the Fan Fest thing.

Jim and I were able to have some couple time at an Orioles event Friday night, while Abby had some quality time with the fam. We had such a good time catching up with our O's family. It's hard to believe that Spring Training is right around the corner, which means the start of baseball season will be underway in no time. Thankfully we were lucky enough to find a rental while visiting Baltimore and I'm so relieved to not be stressing over finding a place any longer. I'm really happy with what we decided on and look forward to our time in Baltimore. :)

Jim did Fan Fest on Saturday and was quite busy with media, picture taking, signing autographs, and other hands on activities with the fans. While he was doing his thing, I spent the day inside with family. It was too cold for me to brave the outdoors! We had such a great visit and I am so glad our whole family made the trip.

I wish I would have taken more pictures but I didn't even travel with a camera, so my cell phone was all I had ....

It was so cold outside that I decided to stay inside and take pictures of the snow from the windows. Needless to say I didn't even get a picture of my parents house, only the neighbors ....

So pretty, just too cold!

We landed back home in Florida on Sunday, just in time for an evening of football. Abby spent some cuddle time with her Daddy watching the Ravens game. A disappointing loss .... but a Giants win would later make up for that!!

As Abby would say, "Go Blue!"

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