Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sometimes I just need to ramble ...

Good morning! It's early ... early for me and Abby considering she usually sleeps in for us. Lately she has been getting up quite a bit earlier and I sure hope this isn't the new routine. I guess it's not too bad anyways, I'll trade the extra hour for some cuddle time with my sweet girl, hot cocoa, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. :)

I don't have any pictures or eventful news to share, just thought I'd take some time to catch everyone up with our family.

Over the weekend, we had dinner with friends Friday night. It's great having friends close by .. definitely makes spur of the moment dinners easy!

On Saturday, Abby had her second gymnastics class. She seemed excited to go back and we talked about her teacher over and over on the way there. Then we showed up and the teacher she had the week before was not there. This threw Abby for a loop leaving her more nervous, unsure, and wanted reassurance that Mommy was right there. So I did the class with her and after awhile, she let loose and had a great time. The biggest trick of the class was walking across the uneven bars. Such a challenge, but she did it!

Then Sunday started off with church and ended with football, food, and friends. Go Giants!

Well the whining from waking up early is starting to kick in. Time for some breakfast so we can get ourselves put together for our playdate this morning. I promise to get more pictures on here soon, I'm dusting off the camera today!! :)

** Update: Abby just pooped on the potty! YAY!!! She has been in big girl panties for almost a week and a half now and hasn't had any accidents with pee pee, but hasn't been successful with going poopy on the potty. We just danced, high fived, and ate some M&M's for the first poop! Let's hope she keeps it up!! :) Wahoo!!!



Carol said...

Wow! That's huge :) Yay Abby! We should have a dinner date soon...

LeeAnn said...

Yay Abby!!!! That's awesome news!

I want to put Rylie in gymnastics, but she wants to take dance lessons instead so I think we will give that a try first. Honestly, I don't think she will do either because she will probably want to cling to me and not leave my side. We'll see.

I want in on that dinner date too! I told Carol I would bring Rylie down sometime for a "girl's weekend", so hopefully we can all hook up soon!

MrsBartee.com said...

What is up with these girls? They are so similar! Rylie has been waking up earlier too. She normally sleeps until 8 and the past few weeks we are lucky to make it until 7:15.

I want to put Rylie in gymnastics too but it's too late to start that now with the baby on his way any moment. Hopefully we can start soon cause I think she would love it too!

And yay for poops on the potty! Rylie went through the same thing. Every time she would squeeze she would stop and say "no squeeze". Once she figured out she got a lollipop she goes every time. She will catch on quickly!! She's a smart girl :)