Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Never too young ...

After watching how much spunk and energy comes out of Abby on a daily basis, the hubs and I decided it was time for Abby to try gymnastics. We found a place that came highly recommended, had just opened a few months back, and luckily had space for Abby to join a class.

This past Saturday was Abby's first go at the gymnastics thing... and of course, she loved it. She is starting in the three year old class even though she is just two and a half since the class had open spaces and the time slot worked out better for us. To be honest, I was a bit nervous at first ... and will still be this Saturday. Abby being the youngest leaves me to worry a bit. Will she disrupt the class? Will she listen and do what she is asked to do? Will she pee all over the place since we are in full swing potty training mode and wearing only undies?

Well as much as I worried about these things last class, Abby showed us she can hang with the older crew. Sure, she didn't always want to sit on her orange carpet square, but for the most part she listened and waited for her turn to come around. It may actually teach her some patience, which will come in handy when Baby Brother arrives.

Abby practiced her forward rolls, trampoline tricks, bar, balance beam, and even a backwards roll with the help of her teacher. After a forty five minute class, we came home with one tired little girl who was ready for a nap! Looking forward to this Saturday for more fun! :)


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