Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Abby's First Concert

I know I talk a lot about Abby's favorites ... her love for dolphins, llamas, and "bops." (aka lollipops) However, I'm not sure if I've talked about her love for Laurie Berkner. For those of you who aren't familiar with children's music, she (and her band) sing silly songs, dance around, and kids love it. Abby LOVES it.

I first bought her the CD and we listened to LB over and over in the car until I knew every lyric and would find myself singing her songs in the shower and randomly throughout the day. Yup, that just goes with the role of being a Mommy... I think. Then I upgraded to the DVD ... Abby dances around and jumps up and down with excitement. She is mildly obsessed with it ... so much that even Daddy knows most of the songs. Hmm, I wonder if he sings them in the clubhouse at the ballpark? Now that would be something to see.

Anyways, back in April tickets to see The Laurie Berkner Band went on sale and I was on it. I ordered them right away, got seats just a few rows back from the stage, and we waited and waited for the concert to happen ... in September. The week before the concert was the week Miss Abby decided to get croup, so I was hoping she would pull through so we could make the show. Thankfully she did and she LOVED it.

Abby in a trance ...

... and after the shock of seeing the real live LB ...
Abby became a dancing, clapping machine!

And the best part of it all ... on its way to us courtesy of Target and my credit card is the new Laurie Berkner CD/DVD set! Abby will be so excited to have some new songs to dance to ... and I know I'll be excited to have different songs stuck in my head! :)



Carol said...

Cute! We haven't heard LB, but when Cam was little she was obsessed with the Doodlebops, remember that? That's the coat I gave Miss Abby for her 1st bday, right? Love it!

MrsBartee.com said...

Aw. I love the clip in her hair :) I need to catch up on your blog! We are getting ready to move so things have been crazy around here.

Sue said...

Well I remember the days of singing songs from the kids music, yes Liz it's what parents do. Jim will never admit humming a few bars from one of Abby's favorites while hanging out in the bullpen....but maybe ;) Abby and I were listening and dancing to music in her room before she napped yesterday. It's funny because I didn't read this entry in your blog until I got home from your house, and today, I can't get this very familiar song (from Branca boy toddler days) out of my head, been humming it all day. So thank you Abby for bringing back such sweet memories.....

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