Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Abby's Newest Obsession

Background: It all started the other night at Gramma & Grandad's house. Abby wanted to use the real hair dryer to dry her hair after tubby. Thinking it would be cute ... we let her do it. She liked it, although wasn't really sure about the warm air in her face. Cute turned into annoying because every time someone used the hair dryer, she wanted to be right there using it herself. Or she would randomly go into the bathroom and try to find the hair dryer. She didn't want anyone else to use it!

Gramma thought maybe we should look for a play hair dryer for Abby. She remembered my sisters had one when they were little ... So after getting back to FL, Aunt Jenny, Abby, and I went to Target to pick one up. Let me tell you ... she loves it. Even more than the real deal. Believe me when I say, Abby is doing her hair all. day. long.



LeeAnn said...

All that hair and that was the first time for the hair dryer? Or was that the first time SHE did it?

I love how she seems to be concentrating so hard on drying her hair. LOL Cute videos!

Carol said...

I'm dying here...I want to see!!! I'm going to have to get you to switch to Youtube or flickr for videos!

Sue said...

Wow! It starts already.....glad she has a bathroom of her own to tie up for hours! You have so much to look forward to....just think of what you'll be encountering when she's 16! xo

Rebecca Bany said...

Omg, that's great.