Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boot Scootin' Boogie ...

Jim has been spending a lot of time teaching Abby how to ride her new Skuut bike and Abby is loving every minute of it. We first spotted these bikes in Baltimore, where little kids would speed by us as if they'd been riding a bike for years.

You see, there are two wheels, no training wheels attached, and no pedals. Kids learn to use their feet to scoot around, but for children Abby's age takes an incredible amount of balance. The whole point of the Skuut bike is to teach balance, forego training wheels and eventually graduate to a real bike.

So will it work? Who knows. Abby is still practicing with her Daddy and hasn't done it on her own just yet. Hopefully she'll gain more confidence and start riding it on her own, but until then she is happy to wear her helmet, let Daddy push her, and simply enjoy scootin' around.



Carol said...

Love this idea! I didn't realize the bike was made of wood...love that! I was picturing the metal, pedaless bikes I've seen. I like this better!

Sue said...

I saw this on your pool deck last week when I was there and meant to ask you about it, but forgot when you returned. Great concept, very unique! Good Luck! xoxo