Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nana & PopPop's Visit

Nana & PopPop (Jim's parents) came to visit us last week for some much needed Abby adventures and beautiful Sarasota weather. Well, at least they had plenty of Abby adventures because the weather was not so cooperative. It rained three of the days they were here. Ugh!

Jim and I really wanted their visit to be full of relaxation this time around. Their last visit in October was quite busy since we were moving into our new house the weekend they were here. We planned it that way for the help, but they didn't get a lot of down time with their sweet granddaughter. So this time... we kept it simple. And simple is good. :)

We shopped a little, or should I say Nana & PopPop shopped a little! They just love spoiling their grandgirls... isn't that what being a grandparent is all about?! We ate out at some of our favorite restaurants, a few times with Abby and once with just us adults. It was such a nice time to celebrate their birthdays while they were here and to have some time for adult conversation. ::thanks Carol for watching Abs::

We did have a beautiful afternoon that we spent outside at home. Abby napped, PopPop napped, Jim was at the field, and Nana & I played Scrabble. She ended up beating me by one point... because I had to subtract one letter at the end. Such a close and fun game! I love that we took the time for just ourselves... laughing, talking, and enjoying each others company.

After Abby woke up, we spent some time playing outside. She loved her new bubbles and is so close to blowing them on her own. It won't be long!!

Of course Abby made some time for cupcake indulging with Nana too. She loves her sweets, just like her Mama!

The biggest adventure of the week was taking Abby to her first circus. It wasn't the big Ringling & Brothers circus or anything, just the local Sarasota Circus. But... it was perfect. Just long enough to hold Abby's attention and she didn't miss a second of the show. Her eyes were glued to the horses, performers, and flashing lights. She watched in amazement as the lady whirled around through the air on her rope doing tricks. I'm not going to lie... it brought a tear to my eye just watching Abby and wondering what was going through that little head of hers. It was really nice sharing this experience with family.

Thank yoy Nana & PopPop for a wonderful visit!


Sue said...

What wonderful memories. So glad Jim's mom and dad got to spend quality time with Abs. Sounds like their visit was extra special with all of you ;o) Great pictures!

Carol said...

You are welcome! We should be doing baby swap more often! Just let me know when you want a night out with the baseball crew :)

PS: That feeling of getting choked up when you do something special with your babies never goes still happens to me at times!