Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!

While we were visiting Maryland last week, Abby got to experience her first snow. Well it's technically her third, but I'm not counting the first snow when she was 2 months old asleep in the car driving home from New York. Or the second snow this past December in Tennessee since there wasn't enough to stick on the ground. So we'll put this one in the books as her first "real" snow.

At first Abby just stood there, probably too scared to move in all that weird, white stuff. Or it could have been that the snow boots were two sizes too big.... but hey, hand me downs are perfect. Thanks Aunt Kay!

After falling a few times and getting more acquainted with the snow, she started to move around a bit more and even dance. Now, that's my girl!

Here's a quick video of Abby for your viewing pleasure :)

Abby & Mommy walking down the dirt road.

Looking at the chickens, playing with Aunt Jenny
& touching the snow without mittens. Brrr!

I'm glad it snowed while we were there ... snow is great to visit, but it sure was nice to return home to 75 degrees! :)



LeeAnn said...

When I saw the title of this post I was like "SNOW?!?!?!" Seems funny that it could be snowing somewhere since it is like 80 here, huh? Anyway...it looks like Abby had a good time. I'm sure it is hard for the little ones to move around in all of those clothes. LOL

Carol said...

And next year she'll be making snow angels in it! Love your matching hats!

Sue said...

So sweet! Sure brings back memories of all the clothes needed in that weather. It always seemed like it took longer to put on the snow suits, boots, mittens, hats, scarves, etc. than the time that was spent outside. It sure gets more fun when they get older and want to really play in the snow. Great pictures!