Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's just a big block party. Everyone's invited!

There is a "mini downtown" area near our house that has unique little shops and some nice restaurants. I guess I can't really classify it as a "mini downtown" because it really only has one street. Main Street. Anyways, it's a fun place to go when you want to shop for something out of the ordinary, visit the children's bookstore, or grab some good food.

The other great thing we've recently discovered about Main Street is that it hosts "Music on Main" the first Friday of each month. The street gets shut down ... vendors sell beer, popcorn, and hotdogs ... children's faces get painted ... stages go up at each end of the street ... and the music blasts through the air. It's seriously like one big block party and everyone gets invited!

Abby dances the night away, showing off her dance moves to every stranger that passes. (see above video) By the way, she has much better moves than what this video captures.

Everyone has a fun time. The adults have time to catch up with each other, although our eyes can't come off the children, running and dancing wildly in the street. Chloe played some football with her Daddy, Abby played with her buddy Matt, and Isla sat in her stroller perfectly content to take in her surroundings.

This moment was my favorite part of the night. Abby asked Chloe to dance by reaching her hands out to her. They had such a fun time swinging their arms around and stomping their feet. It didn't last too long, but while it did ... it was so sweet!

Sometimes the free events close to home are the most fun. Great music, great food, and great company :)


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Carol said...

Ahhh! I love that last photo of the girls! You can't see Chloe's smile, but I can tell that she is grinning ear to ear! Glad you brought your camera!