Friday, November 12, 2010

We're Texas bound y'all!!

I'll be back soon.

The weekend is finally here. The one where the hubs and I are heading to the Lone Star State, sans baby. That's right.... just the two of us. We're off to celebrate the marriage of two wonderful people that are meant to be together. Forever. I'm excited and happy to have the chance to share such a special day with them and it will be great to catch up with so many friends. There are some good times to be had this weekend!!!

Abby is staying with close family friends, close enough that we call them our "Florida Family." She will be loved on, cared for, and be completely spoiled (as if she's not already) by the time we get back. I am so thankful they live nearby and are able to enjoy the time with Abby this weekend. I will be able to have fun and enjoy the time with my husband and KNOW that Abby is in such great hands. But... I'm gonna miss her. like. crazy. So do me one favor. Pray for me... please.

Be back Sunday and I'll update with pictures early in the week! :)


Mary Beth said...

I have not posted a comment as of yet, but wanted to do this one time. Abby is definitely in wonderful hands. I'm not sure if Abby or "my sister" ;-) will have more fun, but you can be sure Abby will enjoy her time with a fun and loving family. Abby is Absolutely Adorable!!!

Liz said...

Thanks Mary Beth!! We had no doubt or worries that Sue and Mike would take care of our little girl. They are just like family to us and it was SO nice to know I was leaving Abby in good hands!

By the way, feel free to add a comment anytime! I'm glad you are following my blog! :)