Monday, November 22, 2010

Abby Grace - 15 months

In the midst of a busy week, Abigail Grace turned 15 months old last Thursday. With each passing month I find myself saying the same thing over and over again. "How did she grow up so fast?" This little girl is full of personality, spunk, and even a little drama. She definitely knows what she wants and will make sure you are well aware of what that is exactly. Abby has 6 (maybe 7) teeth now, weighs 24 pounds, and has the most perfect round belly, which if you ask ... "Abby, where's your belly?" she will tickle her belly and make herself laugh.

Abby is still in love with anything music. Baby Einstein kids songs, CMT, drums, commercials, live music at church ... if it has music, she loves it. And with music, there is dance. And we all know, Abby loves to dance. She kept the crowd quite entertained at church yesterday, showing off her latest moves. I've also started taking Abby to a "Fun to be Fit" class. The teacher sings catchy tunes and she shows dance moves to go along with each song. The children dance, sing, play musical instruments, and walk in a parade. Of course, Abby fit right in and acted like she was an old pro at this class. It's a perfect fit and looks like we'll be doing it every week!

At this age, Abby is understanding so much more. If she is asked a question, she will usually shake her head "no" or"yes." Nine times out of ten, it's a "no." Go figure. Abby is starting to follow commands such as "get your shoes" or "find your baby." She knows what sounds ducks, cows, and bees make. She just started going "Buzzzzz" for bee. It's the cutest thing ever! Besides the way she imitates smelling flowers. That's even cuter :)

We have finally made progress with the sippy cup and Abby drinks her milk out of the cup during the day. She still has a bottle in the morning and at night, but we're getting somewhere! In the past few weeks, our little "monkey" has been obsessed with bananas. Seriously... it's a bit out of control. We're talking two bananas a day. She had three one day last week. Told ya it was serious. I figure there could be worse things to snack on, right?! And its not causing any back up if you know what I mean, so I'll let my little monkey go crazy for bananas. It makes her happy.
After realizing my last few posts have been more about the hubs and me, I finally took some snapshots of Abby today. She is changing so much, so quick. Look for more fun photos to come this week!

She runs circles around me all day long. Literally.

So many expressions -
and full of personality!


Carol said...

Cuteness & Sweetness!

Sue said...

Love love love that little girl. She looks bigger since last week! Sheesh!!