Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cooler weather, where are you?

A few weeks back, Florida had its first "cold spell" after many long months of high temperatures and high humidity. I'm not sure why, but with this cooler weather brings such excitement. Maybe it's because we can wear jeans without feeling our legs sweat underneath. Maybe it's because of sweatshirts, sweaters, and scarves that remind us a little bit of a true winter. Maybe because we are able to feel like the holidays are right around the corner. Maybe because it actually feels like football season is here. Whatever it is, I love it. It's just enough to make playtime outside a bit more enjoyable.

Apparently Abby enjoyed the cooler weather too ....

And no, it was not that cold outside.
But Abby liked the hat anyway.

I only wish I could say the "cold spell" is still here. Today's high - 84.


Carol said...

She's embracing her MD roots!

Anonymous said...

I know! Let's hope the cooler weather comes SOON! I've been wondering if Abby would ever get to wear the Ladybug "Life is Good" sweatshirt I got her for her birthday, but it's still too hot! It might still be too big for her, anyway. Let's hope after Thanksgiving we get some "December" weather!

LeeAnn said...

I can't wait for the cooler weather to get here for good! My kids are growing out of all of their summer clothes, so for once, I am running out of outfits for them. It's almost December and we're all wearing shorts today. Nuts!

Cute pictures! I love Abby's hat!