Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stroll down memory lane ...

It was three years ago yesterday that I married my best friend. The man who knows how to make me smile and laugh at just the right times. He's also the man that drives me crazy and makes me wonder why men just "don't get it."

Since Abby was at daycare yesterday, Jim and I decided it would be a good time for us to have our anniversary lunch. Instead of getting a sitter, we would just do it during the day. No big deal. It was a nice lunch. We ended up at a seafood joint, so he got grouper (a favorite) and I got a burger ( I don't do seafood). It wasn't exactly the ideal lunch to celebrate such a special day. But nonetheless, it was a meal without a baby and we were able to have time to talk, just the two of us.

I had planned on posting some wedding photos on here last night, but ended up with a date night much to my surprise! Night with hubby or blog? Hmmm, tough call. (only kidding honey) I pulled into the driveway after picking Abby up, ready to come in and help start dinner and noticed an unfamiliar car in the driveway. After a minute or so, I realized who it was and before I knew it, Jim came out and said Sue was going to be babysitting Abby. Mad props to the hubs, he pulled off quite the surprise. I had no idea! So out to dinner we went and enjoyed a lovely evening... just the two of us. Thanks Sue for taking such good care of Abby - I'm glad you two had a fun night!

Sometimes life gets so busy and we forget to take time for ourselves. It's important to be with each other and with just each other. I'm so happy to have found the man that will always make me happy. Very happy.

And like my card for him said, "Happy Anniversary to the only one who knows the real me ... and married me anyways!" Thanks for putting up with me. Love you babe!


Ashley Sisk said...

Love the pictures. Happy Anniversary!

Carol said...

How did I miss this post? Happy Anniversary!