Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet Abby's newest friend... Elmo

Before you look at the photos in this post, here is a little background to go along with them. For Abby's half birthday, I bought her the book, "So Big!" with the starring character, none other than the fuzzy red muppet himself... Elmo! Abby loves her books, but right from the start with this book, she was all smiles and laughs. It's become a nightly ritual (morning/afternoon now too) that Abby and I read this book. Reading this book day after day, Abby knows and recognizes what is coming at the end of the book. I truly think she anticipates it from the very first page! As I turn each page, she just gets more excited and swats at the book with her hands. Finally, we get to the last page to find the pop-up Elmo that makes her smile so big!
Since Abby favored this book rather quickly, Jim said we should get her an Elmo stuffed animal... which we did that day! Might have been a coincidence, but when I held up three stuffed animals and asked Abby where Elmo was, she grabbed for the right one! So of course Elmo came home with us and she loves playtime with Elmo after we read the story. Ok, take a look at those adorable pictures now!

"Hey, I remember this book!"

"That's my new friend, Elmo!"

"Wait, you want me to smile and pose for the camera?! That's easy!"

"Elmo's SO BIG!"

"I can get you now Elmo!"

"Told ya!"
(Abby did this herself.... she kind of rolled to the side, then did a face plant... it was rather smooth actually.)

"Take that!"

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Sue said...

What a perfect book for Abby!! She's getting SO BIG! The baby look is going away, she's entering into toddler time. Now your challenges will really begin. You'll think that the diaper changes are a breeze compared to the "catch me if you can" races she'll be keeping you on your toes with soon ;) Enjoy every minute!