Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Christmas in March?!

Here we are almost into April and finally Miss Abby is showing interest in toys from Christmas! Being that Abby was only 4 months old at Christmas, she received a lot of gifts for 6 months and up. This worked out perfectly for us! Now that Abby is more aware and interested in EVERYTHING, these toys are perfect for this age.

Look at those eyes!
Abby loves her shape blocks/sorting box from Gramma and Grandad.

But then she spotted that Elmo book again.....

and wanted him instead! :) She just LOVES Elmo!!!!

What is that face Miss Abby?!

Now that the warmer days are here, it's definitely feeling more like Spring! Goodbye long, cold Florida winter... yes, I'm spoiled and this winter was TOO cold. Hello sunshine and longer days! :) To take full advantage of a beautiful day, Abby and I met up with my friend Michelle and her son Jonah. I love playdates with Jonah so us moms can catch up and the babies can be amazed with each other!

Look at these cuties!!! Born only a week apart.

Is Jonah going in for a hug? How sweet!

Jonah also loved Abby's hair. He wanted to touch and play with it... must have been the way those locks were blowing in the wind!

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Carol said...

That face says "I have you wrapped around my finger mommy and I'm going to show you how I get my way - Muahahahaha!" :) Isn't it amazing how babies love to watch other babies. I guess mom's with twins and tripplets have that going for them!