Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Seven Months, Abby Grace! :)

In the midst of a long and hard week, Abigail Grace turned 7 months old today!

As some of you know, my family has been hit hard these past few weeks. Just last week, my Uncle Stan passed away leaving me full of different emotions. It was hard not only because I was unable to say goodbye but because this was the first of my parents siblings to pass away. It made me realize just how precious time is and that any day could be your last. Then earlier this week, my MomMom (my Mom's Mother) was hospitalized and passed away today. I am so thankful that even though I couldn't be there to see her these last few days, I was able to say my goodbye to her yesterday on the phone. I will always remember that last conversation and keep it close to my heart. Life is just so precious.

Abby proves to me every day just how precious life really is. That smile, that coo, that laugh, the way she raises her hand to touch my face, the way she follows me with those big, bright eyes from room to room. I could go on for days. This little girl is simply amazing and melts my heart.

At seven months, Abby is sitting on her own, rolling over, swatting at things, and of course full of smiles and belly laughs. For a few weeks now, Abby has been working on waving hello and goodbye. She would try to imitate a wave, but only get as far as raising her arm and then just stopping in midair. For the first time today... at exactly seven months old... Abby waved to Uncle Donnie! It was indeed a real wave... with fingers and all! :) So cute!

Abby tries to wave to the camera....

Abby is still doing well with eating cereal (now eating not only rice cereal but oatmeal too) and loving her veggies! So far, no fruit (unless you count the lemons she sucks on at restaurants)... but we'll start adding some into her diet over the next few weeks. This girl definitely eats like her Daddy! She has recently started drinking water too... just a little here and there, but she seems to enjoy it.

Abby eating lemon... thanks to Daddy!

And yes, she loves it and wants MORE!

Abby's favorite toy these days is Max. Who needs toys when you have a dog?! She will watch him wherever he goes and smile as soon as he enters a room. She even recognizes his name and when she hears his nails on the floor, she yanks her head around to see him. It's so funny. Max better watch out ... once Abby can get to him, there will be no holding back!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers these past few weeks. They have helped me get through each day... and today is a good day! :)


Sue said...

Liz, Precious picture of your MomMom with Abby. What a special treasure for you to keep. You can clearly see how proud she is of that sweet beautiful baby girl. Such wonderful memories to share with Abby someday. Peace to you and your family. We miss you, hope to see you soon.

Danny was thrilled to see you this week, he couldn't wait to call me and rub it in that he saw "Sweet Abby" ;)

Michelle & Jimmy Rivas said...

So sorry to hear about both losses in your family. Our thoughts are with you!

Such sweet pictures of Abby, growing so fast! You are so right about time and life being precious. Our children are true reminders of that every day!