Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday's Mix-n-Match

We are having so much fun with little Abby! She has become quite the busy body and loves to take everything in. She doesn't miss a thing! So what's keeping little miss so busy? Abby is still working on sitting up on her own and rolling over from back to tummy. She is so close to doing both ... maybe just another week or so! Abby has started to eat sweet potatoes and so far they seem to be her favorite veggie. For the past two nights, she has slept through the dreaded 5am feeding and I'm going to pray for that to happen again tonight!!

Here are some random pictures to show you what Abby's been up to... enjoy Monday's Mix-n-Match! :)

Smiles, especially ones like these are contagious!

Abby is so interested in Max these days....

... and she will watch him wherever he goes!!!

Daddy's new trick... Abby LOVED it, but Mommy was a bit nervous!

Soooo Big!!

Time to play!

This picture just makes me laugh. Look at that drool bubble! :)

1 comment:

Carol said...

Cute pictures! She is getting so big! How does she twist her left arm like that? I think she's double jointed, or she's got daddy's flexible pitching arm....