Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Abby Grace!

Wow, I can hardly believe that Abby celebrated her half birthday yesterday. Six months, already?! I can't help to think that if the first six months flew by this quickly, the next six months will probably pass even quicker. Slow down Abby... what's the rush?!

Abby is quite the "talker" these days. She is such a vocal baby with her coos and her newly found fake coughs. I love listening to her talk to her toys as she plays. It's so sweet! We are still waiting for her to roll over from back to tummy ... she tries so hard and wants to do it so badly. Abby is doing a great job sitting on her own, without support. Each day gets better and better! Her newest trick is pushing up with her feet while laying on her back. She thinks it is so funny to scoot around like this!

I do believe we will have a good eater on our hands.... as if we couldn't guess this from how her Daddy eats. :) Abby has added squash to her veggie list and seems to like it. (She's only had it a few times) So far, she has tried carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, and squash. Sweet potatoes are by far her veggie of choice! YUMMY!!

I'm still waiting on that first tooth to appear ... she has been drooling like crazy lately and been a bit cranky, which really isn't in her character. How much longer till that little bugger appears?!

Thankfully, we are all starting to get more sleep these days. About two weeks ago, Jim and I decided we had to something about the diaper change at 2am and the feeding at 5am. This had been a pattern going on for about 3 months. I realized Abby didn't really NEED me at 2am every morning, but WANTED to see me. There she would be, all cozy in her crib, with a HUGE smile to greet me!! After about two nights of letting her cry, and it wasn't long at all... she was done waking up at that time. Then we stopped the dreaded 5am feeding and things started to get so much better. Abby now goes to sleep between 6:30 and 7 each night and is up between 6:30 and 7:30 each morning. I still go in her room to fix her blanket or give her a binkie every now and then, but that's IT! No more diapers, no more bottles... more sleep! :)

Next week we have an appointment with Dr. Meyer for Abby's six month well visit. I'm excited to get Abby's stats ... weight, height, percentiles, etc... I did weigh Abby at home and she is 17 pounds according to my scale. We'll see!!

Playing... and in deep thought!

A new toy for Abby's half birthday :)

Yummy cereal and yogurt ....
Look, her hair is growing again! Doesn't it look longer here?

Distracted ..... watching Oprah.

Loving the blocks from Gramma and Grandad ...
eventually she will stack them, right now she eats them!

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Sue said...

Happy 6 month birthday Abby!! Love the pictures, as always she is just adorable. She's sitting up so well, very good posture!! Her hair really is getting longer, before you know it those pigtails will hold some pretty ribbons ;)