Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our little ladybug!

Hope everyone had a safe, fun, and happy Halloween! We had a great time celebrating Abby's first Halloween with friends. Jessi and Rico had us over to their home, along with the Piersoll and Brester family. The costumes were great ... Avery and Jadyn were Superman and Superwoman, Camdyn was Sleeping Beauty, Chloe (and Carol too!!) were fairies, and our little Abby was a ladybug. It was a great time pushing Abby in the stroller alongside Carol and Chloe and enjoying a drink at the same time! :) Fun times ....

Our little ladybug

Cute as a bug ....

Tummy shot ... Abby wasn't really up for this one!

And this is how Abby really felt about her costume ... it only lasted for about 30 minutes! :(

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"Nana Banana" said...

She is adorable, but I have to say not to many babies are thrilled with their costumes!