Sunday, November 8, 2009

Soooo big!

Our little girl is getting so big!! Abby is becoming really good at hearing a sound and knowing where to look to find what is making that noise. She is definitely recognizing our voices and knows when Daddy or Mommy walk into a room. Abby isn't grabbing or reaching for toys just yet, but she loves to hold onto her cuddly blanket. The blanket was a gift from Aunt Jenny when Jim and I found out we were pregnant the first time. It was very ironic that I gave this blanket to Abby for the first time on the day that we knew we miscarried last year. I didn't even realize this, but Aunt Jenny pointed it out! So, it's become kind of sentimental for me. Everywhere we've gone lately, that blanket has gone with us! It's so cute to see her cuddle with it... she loves it. :)

Abby is starting to notice Max a little more each day. This morning Jim was walking past Max, holding Abby and her hand touched him. Jim said she was opening and closing her fist, very interested with this new texture! She is just loving her doggie now!

Mommy and Daddy are feeling a bit refreshed and not as exhausted lately. Three nights ago we had a rough night, up five or six times. Abby just wanted to play! The last two nights, Abby has been in bed at 8 and sleeping until 6!! She's doing great and really getting used to the idea of SLEEPING at night. I hope and pray it stays like this for a while. We'll see, I know it can all change in a blink of an eye. We know she's well rested when she wakes up smiling and LAUGHING at her Daddy!!
"Look at me!!" - Abby is practicing head control using the Bumbo seat... yay! :)

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Carol said...

Look at her in the Bumbo chair! She looks just like you in the last picture, Liz. Very Cute!