Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good morning Abby!

What a perfect Sunday morning for the Johnson family! A little background first... Last night Abby was in her crib by 8:00, fell asleep on her own by about 8:15, and then slept until 4:45 this morning! I got up, fed her and she was back to sleep in an hour or just a little less. Then Jim and I heard her starting to wake up and fuss a little around 7:30. We made a deal that Sundays would be my day to sleep in, so Jim went in her room and gave her a binky, which she took and fell back asleep. At 9:00, I woke up thinking Abby would have already played for a bit and already been fed. Much to my surprise EVERYONE slept in until 9:00!!! (Jim on Abby's floor) Yay for a sleepy Sunday morning! :)

Here is a video that Jim took of Abby waking up this morning. I can't imagine anything better than this perfect way to start the day!
Okay, I've had a lot of comments about Abby's flat head in this video!!! I swear it's not flat, it's just bedhead!:)

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