Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Playtime with Mommy!

Such a sweet baby ....

Abby just loves playtime with her Mommy! (Daddy too!) She is really starting to get a personality all of her own, with more and more smiles and coos. Right now, she still hasn't mastered holding her head completely on her own. I think she will have full head control in just a few weeks. We'll see! So ... Abby still spends a lot of her playtime laying on her back. She just loves laying on a blanket, looking everywhere, smiling and cooing at the crazy faces or sounds I make. I have come to realize that the crazier I act, the more smiles I get! We have been spending a lot of time on our tummy, getting that head and neck nice and strong. I also spend a lot of time reading and showing her books, which she LOVES. She just stares and smiles, kicking her legs and moving her arms the whole time. This is my favorite time with Abby!

Playtime with Mommy :)

This week, I have been working with Abby on napping in her crib. She is having a hard time with this because she is so used to being put in the swing for naptime. It's a bad habit, but yet so easy to just put her in the swing. She drifts off to dreamland in no time!! Yet, we know it's so important for her to be napping in her crib. She is doing well at night, so I'm not sure why she wants absolutely no part of it during the day. Ugh. Frustrating, but she'll get it.
Yesterday, Jim and I took Abby to our new doctor, Dr. Meyer. Abby had a rough morning, crying real tears and just couldn't seem to relax or get comfortable. I knew she didn't have a fever, but she was spitting up some phlegm, maybe from crying so much. Who knows - but everything is fine. She was all smiles with the doctor.. go figure! In fact, she is perfectly healthy, weighing in now at 11 pounds, 6 ounces. Wow!!!! I can tell that Dr. Meyer loves babies and he made sure to give her a kiss on her forehead before he left. :)

Say cheese!!! :)


Susan said...

Dr. Meyer is a PERFECT place! They have seen all of our kids...and my older boys still haven't switched from there yet!! We also LOVE Kaye, there. It was nice to see you and Abby today!

Liz & Jim Johnson said...

Yay! I've heard such good things about Dr. Meyer. I'm looking forward to meeting Kaye too! It was great seeing you too, it's always fun to visit Gocio! :)