Friday, October 16, 2009

First Family Vacation

And we're off... NY here we come!

Earlier this week we went on our first family vacation... or at least a mini getaway! Jim and I loaded the car, put a sleeping baby in her car seat and started on our four hour drive to Endicott, New York. Visiting Jim's hometown, we would be able to see how it's changed, visit with family and old friends, and eat all the yummy food I always hear Jim talk about!
During our visit, we stayed at an old mansion that had recently been turned into a resort. The mansion belonged to the owner of IBM in the early 1940's. We stayed in the "Eisenhower Suite" which apparently is where President Dwight Eisenhower stayed when he came to visit. It was a very unique room, with antique decor, a fireplace (which we used every night), and our very own patio. Quite stunning!
Over the three days in New York, we spent a lot of our time traveling from house to house visiting Jim's aunt, cousins, and friends. Jim enjoyed a day of golf with his old buddies, while Abby and I had a playdate with some of his friends children. On the last day, we went to The Cider Mill, a local establishment that makes their own cider and donuts. We watched how the donuts and cider were made through windows and enjoyed all the apples, mums, and pumpkins that were outside. This was Abby's first time to a pumpkin patch and of course she slept in her stroller the whole time. I thought it was fun anyway!
It was great to see everyone, visit some of Jim's old hangouts, and show off our beautiful baby. Of course, Abby was loved and adored by everyone! On the drive home, we even drove through SNOW for almost an hour! With one successful vacation under our belt, we know it's able to be done and look forward for more adventures!
Traditions at the Glen - where we stayed

Abby was thrilled.. can't you tell?!

Playdate fun with Ethan

All cuddled up... brrr, it was cold!


Susan said...

SNOW??? Oh my gosh! I love the pics...that child isn't going to know what is going on with her body temp. when she gets down here in a few days. Have a great week. See you soon.

Carol said...

I'm glad you guys had a wonderful time. I love the picture of her bundled up with the ear hat on. How cute! Now she is prepared for her long adventure HOME! I can't wait to meet her!