Thursday, October 29, 2009

Missing YOU!

While feeling so happy to be home, there are times when Abby and I miss everyone in Maryland. Abby is growing just too fast and with every smile, coo, or almost giggle we get... I wish Gramma and Grandad were around to see it. Of course, Abby misses her aunts and cousins too!! Aunt Jenny must miss her little goddaughter because she is still spoiling her and sending clothes to her in the mail. She just loves buying for Miss Abby! Aunt Heather was showing some new pictures of Abby to Emily the other night and Em said "Such a big girl... I miss her already!" Em - we miss playtime with you!
Jim and I know that one day our families will be together when the time is right. For right now, there is a reason for us to be here in Florida. It's a place that makes us happy, with wonderful friends, lots to do, and great weather! :)

Abby is all smiles when she's around Gramma!

Abby misses sitting with Grandad on his tractor. Next time Abby will be ready for a ride!

Aunt Jenny loves cuddling with Abby... and it sure looks like Abby loves it too!

Abby playing with Emily ... video is a month old or so, but still cute!

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