Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy 5 months! :)

Dear Levi,

5 months... wow.  It seems like just yesterday.  You have changed so much, not only since April but since this time last month.  You are a calm baby, much more relaxed, and definitely not as fussy as you used to be.  From the sound of your cry I can tell if you are hungry, tired, bored, or need a new diaper. You really make it easy for me and for that I'm grateful.  Easy is good.  :)

We let you explore with your first tastes of solid foods around four months, although I could tell you weren't quite ready.  So I waited and tried again a couple of weeks ago.  Amazing what can change in just a few weeks, you were ready!  Your favorite seems to be peas, although you've tried carrots and sweet potatoes and eat it all with a smile.  Pears and apples are your favorite fruits and you still curl your lip and turn your nose up at bananas.  I think you'll love them ... just give them time. :)

Sleep is getting .... better.  Most nights.  You'll have a night where you sleep through until morning and other nights where you wake a few times and Mama ends up feeding you.  Do you need it? No.  Are you hungry?  Shouldn't be.  Does Mama give in to you?  Yes.  Soon, little man, soon.... that bottle will be no more!  You are taking two naps, one in the morning (when we are home) that usually is on the shorter side and one in the afternoon that lasts much longer.

I know everyone says every baby is different and you and your sister are just that.  You remind me of Abby in many ways, but in many ways you are so different.  You are very motor oriented and are ready to be on the move.  You are rolling from tummy to back and from back to tummy, non stop.  You are pulling your knees up and working at scooting towards toys.  It won't be long and you are going to be taking off ... and Mama will be chasing two kids all day!  You are wanting to sit on your own, but still need assistance ... we'll keep practicing.  :)

You've definitely found your "voice" and "talk" quite a bit.  The new squeal/scream you do makes me laugh.  I love hearing you talk ... I'll talk and sing back to you all day long.  I also love cuddling with you, you are quite the snuggle bug.  You'll rest your head on my shoulder ... just because.  When I kiss your cheeks, you smile begging for more.

I love you so much Little Man.  There is nothing in this world that compares to the love I feel for our little family.  You and Abby add so much to our lives and I look forward to what is yet to come.


Your favorite ... sock monkey blankie.

Where you goin', Little Man?

Such a sweet boy ... 


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Sue said...

Precious, precious, handsome boy! Can't wait for my hugs and snuggles!! xoxox