Monday, September 24, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Abby was so excited to begin her first day of preschool today.  With her new kicks, backpack on, and wearing a huge smile, she was thrilled to see her old friends.  As most of you know, Abby went to early preschool last year and loved it.  She enjoys being around kids her age and is excited to learn new things. 

 So this year, she's moving up to the 3 year old preschool class.  Abby has been talking about her teachers and friends all summer long.  I knew she would be ready to start again today, but thought she may resist just a bit after being gone for five months.  Wrong!  Upon walking into her new classroom, she immediately found her name above her hook, hung her backpack, and joined some friends who were waiting for circle time.  I told her to have fun, quickly stole one more hug and kiss, and headed for the door.  I kept turning back to check on her but she didn't need me ... she was ready.  She didn't look back. :)



Sue said...

Yay Abby! I knew you'd be excited to be reunited with your friends. I'm sure Kiki and Beau were excited to see you too! Xoxo

Sue said...

PS: you look SO pretty!

Cara said...

I love it! And how creative of you to make a sign for her to hold up, nice job Liz!