Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Photo Dump

First up: Our visit to the B & O Railroad Museum for Toddler Time.
We met up with our buddies for a sing-a-long, story, craft, and train ride.
The museum was decorated beautifully with American flags, the playground was a hit, and the kids were in awe of the big train.  (bottom left)  
Please notice how hard it was to get five toddlers in a picture.  (middle left) We tried!

Next up: Abby's first time bowling!
Aunt Heather, Emily, YaYa, and Grandad joined in on the fun ....
Even Levi helped Mama with her game ... and WIN might I add :) 

Random pics from this week ...
Abby made brownies, with little help from Mama.  Levi found his new favorite toys, his toes!  During tummy time, Levi decided it was time to nap.  Abby and Jacob watched a movie together in the theater room.  And last but not least, Levi's new 'do.  That patch of hair sticks up after nap time and is quite funny :)


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